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  • 24th Birthday Weekend
    Spa Party, SF and Ski
    5 images
    Updated Feb. 05, 2005
    American LeMans at Sears Point
    Bob's family trip to Sears Point to Cheer for the Audi LeMans Team, and Champion Team
    Sears Point, Sanoma, California
    0 images
    Updated never
    Basketball at Sheldon High
    Nick, Tim, Ben, and Aaron played some unorganized bball in EG
    Elk Grove, CA
    23 images
    Updated Sep. 17, 2001
    Bob and Soracco goto the State Fair
    We arrived on what must be only called "Ghetto" night. I'd never seen so many Ghetto gangster pices o poo in my life.
    State Fair Grounds, Sacramento, CA
    2 images
    Updated Sep. 04, 2001
    Burning house
    The house across the street burned down in the middle of the night
    Fair Oaks, CA
    11 images
    Updated Aug. 02, 2001
    Car buying
    Bob and Nick's trip to checking out an S4
    Niello VW & Audi
    20 images
    Updated Jan. 18, 2001
    Class of 98 H.S. Graduation
    Class of 1998 Graduation Pictures
    Sacramenot, CA, J and 16th Street.
    1 images
    Updated Aug. 21, 2001
    Cousin Tim & Jen's Wedding
    Windsor, CA
    24 images
    Updated Nov. 25, 2006
    Dan and Bob's adventure
    Dan and Bob's adventure
    Sacramento, Citrus Heights, CA
    1 images
    Updated Sep. 04, 2001
    Dryer Fire at Bobs Apartment
    The dryer sparked and caught fire with Bobs clothes in them
    Bobs old Apartment
    0 images
    Updated never
    Erik & Amanda's wedding
    Erik Pelzman and Amanda Grimstad were married at McKinley Park in the library building. it was awesome.
    McKinley Park, Sacramento, CA
    67 images
    Updated Oct. 24, 2005
    European Car Magazine Audi Car Show
    Audi Event where it was bring your own car.
    Los Angeles, CA
    0 images
    Updated never
    Kaitlyn & Michael Theadgill's Wedding
    Kaitlyn King and Michael Threadgill had their wedding! Even though they were married by proxy while Michael was in Iraq 3 months ago, we all got together and celebrated these two wonderful people.
    Vacaville, CA
    82 images
    Updated Jun. 26, 2005
    Pictures from our kickball games
    All over Sacramento, CA
    10 images
    Updated Jul. 18, 2004
    LeMans Race at Laguna Seca
    Marc, Shannon, Bob and Bob goto the races again...
    Monterey, California
    0 images
    Updated never
    Linux World Expo 2001
    San Francisco
    21 images
    Updated Sep. 03, 2001
    Mission Avenue Ping Pong (MAPP)
    A few times a year, Nick Berry holds a ping pong tournament in his garage as an excuse to drink beer and eat pizza.
    Carmichael, CA
    179 images
    Updated Dec. 18, 2004
    nuestros adventuras
    Salinas Adventures
    0 images
    Updated never
    Rob & Stacy's Wedding
    Pictures from setup to break dance
    Florin Recreation Center, Sacramento, CA
    61 images
    Updated Feb. 14, 2005
    SDE 2001
    Ben Weir's apartment
    59 images
    Updated Sep. 04, 2001
    Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan 2005 Tournament
    Kandi and Nick flew down to New Orleans for the 10th Annual TSD Mi Guk Kwan tournament and barely missed Hurricane Dennis
    New Orleans, LA
    145 images
    Updated Jul. 15, 2005
    Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan Regional
    I didn't enter the tournament, but helped with score keeping and time.
    Sac City College
    33 images
    Updated Apr. 24, 2004

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